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Take This and I'll tell you my Unresolved Trauma that could fit you, possibly. [2023 Updated]
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Do you also have unresolved trauma or a mental illness? Well welcome to the club of people who make uQuizes to cope with it. Enjoy your time here. All The Result Art was made by Me. There are very s
erious topics in this uQuiz and serious outcomes. You've Been Warned. Edits: Jan 2022: It's been like two months since I made this. Uhhh I updated it since I realized most of the answers are very similar to the results. I also made this while I was absolutely spiraling. Anyway It's been updated. April 2022: holy shit 500+ people really want to know what unresolved trauma they are. Anyway Hi, I made it slightly longer because I guess people like this quiz? I'm waiting for one day to see it pop up on my tumblr dash in a random post calling me out for having trauma or something. Jan 2023: 3000 people huh? Nice. Welcome I edited this quiz once more because I no longer am friends with people who I reference in this Quiz. So fuck them and I put in new things. Anyway, hope yall feel some sense of comfort from this.
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