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learn about your complex trauma(updated)
Quiz introduction
This is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis or help. Complex trauma is trauma that either reoccurred on multiple occasions OR was happening for a long period of time. this will test what typ
e of trauma you have, and how it affects your platonic and romantic relationships. I will also include a little message for every result to hopefully provide comfort and security.(keep reading for why i've made this quiz, or start now if you are impatient) you may have trauma and you don't realise. a number of things can be the cause of trauma, and people respond in a number of ways. Whatever it is, you aren't alone. Recently I've been reflecting on my own childhood trauma and how its affecting me now. i wasn't very aware of the severity of my own trauma and i suppressed it. watching videos from channels like Psych2go helped me realise that I'm not the problem, and my emotions are very valid. I'd highly recommenced psych2gos channel if you are seeking some form of validation and pointers that can lead you towards more self awareness and acceptance. thank you for reading.
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