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which female character that i have side-eyed at any point are you
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everyone else did this, and i am in fact a sellout, so here is more of the same shit but this time homoseshual. 36 possible results (yes, really). i stopped giving a shit a quarter of the way through
making this. if the character is underage i promise you i was much younger than them when i was interested in them dw. fair disclosure, there are male characters on this list but i thought they were women when i first saw them (except one, but explanation is given for that one in his answer), so i choose to see them as women because who gives a shit. there were so many results i decided not to give a shit when typing the result text. also, while i was searching for pictures of the characters on this, i discovered that every time i googled a female character from anything, porn results were some of the first results, even though all i did was google the character name + the title of the media they came from. this was not only *also* true for children's media characters/characters who were actual children, but *especially true.* if you are in any way involved with that or partake in that, i hope you get hit by a speeding truck and get isekai'd to hell with no hope of escape. not joking, you fucking disgust me, you porn-addicted pedophile misogynist.
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