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What will you get cancelled for as a K-pop idol
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Welcome to the meaningless quiz I'm doing instead of writing the story I'm supposed to be working on. Have you ever wanted to know what you'll ultimately get cancelled for once you finally claw your
way up the ranks of K-pop stardom? The flub, real or fabricated, that will turn all your gains into a tepid void of existential darkness with the trend of a tweet? Time to find out your fate. I'm bad at this but in my terrible person resume I have quizilla experience so let me just conjure that up from the depths of my youth and channel it here. (Note: this isn't going to have any legit reasons or things I can't comment on like sexual harassment and, friends, this is all frivolous things all the time...the sorts of things where you go "someone 500% made that sh!t up/conjured it up from somewhere bc they want to start a smear campaign before the next album drops...." Also I started listening to this stuff in gen 1 so I've kept myself at bay long enough and it's time for me to be a public grouch after 20+ bitter years.)
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