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I Will Peer Into Your Soul And Tell You What I See
Quiz introduction
I met the middle aged lady who owns the tourist store across the street from my apartment. She told me that she could see the color of people's souls if she unfocused her eyes the right way, and that
she had a knack for predicting other's fates. I don't know anything about that, but her goats were really neat. Anyways, using science heretofore lost to the knowledge of ancients, I have constructed a personality test that will tell you EVERYTHING about yourself in just 17 questions using the extremely disproven jungian archetypes system. Your hopes, your fears, your Hogwarts house, the role you play in the narrative that exists only in your head: It's all here folks! Who needs therapists when this quiz I just spent like 6 hours hyperfocusing on making is free?
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