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what witch's heart character are you? (updated!)
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General trigger warning for death, trauma, and self harm, as well as a spoiler warning for the character's backstories. The game follows Claire Elford, a young woman that gets trapped in a cursed mans
ion along with four others. Throughout a course of five days, the group has to find a way to escape the mansion, all while uncovering the secrets within it, and learning the truth about the legendary wish-granting treasure: the Witch's Heart. The game is split into four scenarios, each based on the different main characters trapped with you. The bonus stage serves as an continuation of the story, but it's not the end yet. After completing the bonus stage, the game branches off into four different routes, where different endings can be achieved based on the player's chosen route. IZ plans on releasing the final endings one at a time, and as of now, only Sirius' route has been completed.
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