Personality Quiz
Which Personality Color Best Suites You?
Quiz introduction
I have no idea how to explain this. Please bear with me. There are six colors identified by their place on the emotional spectrum along with a few key traits (in order): Red (the most emotional), Ora
nge, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Blue (the least emotional). Then we have the colors identified by their behavior rather than emotional capacities: Black, White, Grey, and Brown. The darker your color, the more willing you are to do things that are morally frowned upon in society, like murder people for a living. I feel I should mention that, because not everyone is cookie-cutter, these.aren't going to be one hundred percent accurate 'cause typically a person could be any assortment of colors. But getting into specifics would be a massive pain, so you're going to have to settle for general stuff. So which one are you? Do find out.
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