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What Role do You Play in Your Story?
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EDIT: I cannot believe how many people have taken this quiz— i must admit I forgot it existed for awhile there, but THANK YOU!!! WARNINGS: DARK/DEATH MENTIONED/OTHER IFFY SCENES MAYBE??? If I miss
a warning I’m so sorry, I’m kinda stupid sometimes ?? Anyways… Hello!! This is the first quiz I’ve ever made, and I’ve always loved these deep personality tests. It’s likely to be inaccurate somehow, and WAY too long, but either way, I’m gonna burn you with some deep, way-too-looked-into results I’ve made. :]] Prepare to see what type of character you are in your story, and why you’re special and important!! (And yes, I promise, you ARE special and important. I’m not just trying to suck up to you/Gen)
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