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Which Open Heart character is YOUR LI? (includes non-LIs!) (18+ LIs)
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CONTENT WARNING: Mentions of sex. I've included Elijah, Sienna, Tobias, Aurora, Baz, Esme, Harper, and Kyra. You're welcome. If you've taken my past LI quizzes, the questions/answer options will be pr
etty similar! also just wanna say -- I know a lot of people aren't happy with how things are ending with OH, but I personally am still grateful to PB for creating stories with depth and the characters that we all know and love. I can only imagine how much research they put into this series. Doesn't mean you have to love all of their decisions and you can voice your frustrations (not at me I get anxious lol), but cut them some slack! They're harassed literally every day. ANYWAYS, hope ya'll enjoy the quiz!
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