Personality Quiz
What anime archetype are you (surprise: all those archetypes are from the same anime)
Quiz introduction
Hello. I know no one reads those silly texts when starting a quiz, but anyways. THE QUESTIONS IN THIS QUIZ ARE COMPLETELY RANDOM, DO NOT EXPECT THEM TO BE CONNECTED WITH THE ANIME. The most important
thing is, this will require some time. There is for example a question where you will have to listen to some music. Please do not take this quiz if you aren’t capable of spending some time on it right now. An announce - English is my third language so no mistake correction is allowed. Let me brag a bit - i know five languages (meaning i can speak +- fluently) and am learning three more. Also, the anime which those archetypes were taken from will be named, so no need for you to guess. My time is over, here we go
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