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Statistically Speaking, Which Ghost Song Are You?
Quiz introduction
A lot of Ghost’s music is vastly different, from the dark and rough vocals, inspired by 80's metal, to the bumping sounds of 2000's pop punk. Throughout the diverse sounds of their discography, it's p
retty easy for almost anyone to find something that they enjoy. I am pretty familiar with Ghost's entire catalogue, and when introducing their music to others, I'm always careful to pick out a song which I believe puzzles into that persons personality. Psychology in music is truly a fascinating thing, and I wanted to test my hypothesis regarding specific Ghost songs and individual identities. I uploaded a survey awhile back, to a different social media page, in which I asked people what their favorite Ghost song was, along with a series of various other questions. So, based on those answers, I have made a quiz that will tell you which Ghost song, statistically, relates with your choices and identities.
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