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The Worst Enneagram Test Ever - Scenarios Style Quiz
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Sick of vague trait-based enneagram quizzes that people usually answer with wishful thinking? I gotchu fam. I made this enneagram quiz thing based on (an approximation of) how you actually act in real
life. l'obvious disclaimer est obvious: I'm not a mindreader, nor can I create 8 billion possible answers for each question so just choose the closest approximation to what your *most* immediate/prominent response would be (some of the answers might sound the same, but they aren't, there are nuanced differences). Also, this quiz is not culturally neutral. It's based on general N. American culture as well as my lay interpretation of the various types. FOR BEST* RESULTS, answer as you would if you were in average level health, not as ✨the most healthy/developed/emotionally fabulous✨ version of you; because either way you're gonna get a result based on a mid/unhealthy level of that type anyway, except more inaccurate for you, so it'd be a wasted wank *all enneagram tests suck, so "best" results doesn't really mean much, let's be real lol
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