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What type is your soulmate (or partner)?
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We all have tons of romantic/sexual soulmates, some are intense some are not, some are here to stay, some are meant to be temporary... But how do you know whether this one is 'the one' or whether we w
ould be better off still looking? Perhaps the one who got away was the one who you should go after again? This quiz can answer those questions, but only if you're being HONEST. I added multiple possible answers for each type just to keep you guessing - sometimes more than one answer fits their type - pick the one you like the most, as sometimes nuances are the thing that make all the difference! Some answers refer to the same type before a relationship, during a relationship and after it, so don't worry about not picking one that would fit in a different situation. (Think of one particular person at a time - you can take the quiz several times.) This quiz is based on the Mirror Spirit Soulmate Typology of
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