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Which sk8 character are you?
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I'll assign you a Sk8 character from the S skaters, except I actually do like Ainosuke so I'm not gonna be weirdly harsh on him, or anyone else for that matter. Possible results: Ainosuke (Adam), Hiro
mi (Shadow), Kaoru (Cherry), Kojiro (Joe), Miya, Langa (Snow), Reki, and Tadashi (Snake). All of the photos are screenshots from the trailers because there are some fanartists that are really good at matching the show's art style and I didn't want to accidentally steal someone's art, so I instead took screenshots from the official trailers myself. I'm on twitter @Stars_Candles if you want to know how many points you got for each result! Just tell me what you put in for your name and I'll total them up for you
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