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“The mind’s inclination follows the body’s temperature.” —Galen "Temperament" is related to the word temperature and is what we now would think of as “personality.” It was thought in the medieval
times that people could be categorized into four different personalty types (four temperaments), which was not based on any actual facts. The idea was powerful. Much medieval medical theory came out of temperament theory as it was believed to explain psychology and physiology differences between people. It also had a huge impact on literature. Though the idea of temperament is no longer popular, it still comes through speech, such as “She’s in a good humor!” or “He has a dry wit.” It was believed people’s temperaments (personalities) were a result of their physiological imbalances. Those "physiological imbalances" were fluid imbalances which were called humors. These humors (fluids) not only effected people’s minds and moods, but also effected their skin color, skin texture, and temperature. The idea of the four humors originated from the Ancient Greeks, who believed the world was made of four elements, which resided in people in the form humors. Which temperament would you have been possibly assigned?
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