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I assign you a uni major based on vibes
Quiz introduction
After spending a night drinking at uni with friends during a pandemic and taking uquizes I have decided to make my own. So I'm going to assign you a uni/college major based off my own interpretation,
hubris and personal vendettas. Sorry if you don't get your actual major but that's the vibes I'm getting and there's just too many to be super specific. This ain't an aptitude test but a vibe check. I'm not trying to guess your major ONLY read your vibes based off of first year British uni student experience okay? There are 11 possible options because there are like a thousand possible courses and I had to be as summative as possible. And everytime someone argues with me about my colour choices or says they didn't get their major another person gets an inaccurate vibe read. Enjoy or don't, just be respectful in my notes if you're gonna rb its not that deep
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