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Are you Selfish or Selfless?
Quiz introduction
This is a quiz made to sorta vent some frustrations I've been having. It's not meant to bash one side or the other, it's just a dumb thing I'm making coming from a place of angst and boredom. Whether
you are selfish or selfless, both sides have their good and their bad, I hope it doesn't cause anyone to start spiraling. I'm not some psychologist with bright inventive questions, the answers might be obvious but again, this was made not-seriously. Here is how it works: It's 24 questions overall. I'll be asking written questions at the start, middle and end, but they are more or less to gauge how you're feeling at these points than to affect your score. You don't have to answer them at all, its ok <3 The last of my questions will come in the form of scenarios. They're pretty out there, but what can you expect from a quiz like this. Some questions get dark/hit something that could be triggering so take this as your warning. You have to chose between two options, and be ready for a lot of reading.Sorry.
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