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What guy that you shouldn't date, court, or marry are you?
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Bethany Beal (née Baird) and Kristen Clark (née Baird) of Girl Defined - they're rule breakers, thought leaders, crafters of the postmodern zeitgeist, the de facto figureheads of the current cultural
moment, silently and humbly laying the path on which we walk - yet would passionately deflect such praise. One theory of Defined's that has been fiercely debated and examined by the wider academic community is The Six Guys One Should Not Date, Court, or Marry (2016). According to their research, every living human falls into one of these categories, which has yet to be contested. However, it is impossible to participate in such a rigorous conversation without deep introspection and understanding of the self - particularly, how one aligns with the six possible personas within their framework. Our hope is that your willingness to engage in our study will, as experts on the subject say, open your third eye. PLEASE NOTE: If your end result is Mr. Struggle, you will immediately be indicted and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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