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What Flight Rising dragon breed are you?
Quiz introduction
This test will attempt to match your personality up with one of Flight Rising's current dragon breeds! I had to fill in some gaps and make inferences in the lore because FR's breed information isn't
exactly comprehensive. So some stuff in here is headcanon, but I tried to keep it reasonable and in-line with their canon lore. One thing before you take the test (if anyone bothers to read this): all breeds have both strengths and weaknesses, and this test reflects that. So the descriptions may not be entirely flattering, there's good and bad parts to every dragon breed and every personality too! But I'd recommend taking your results with a pinch of salt anyway. This test is just for fun! ^^ If you have any thoughts or feedback, you can catch me on FR under the username Dremziistrun. All art assets and lore in this quiz belong to Flight Rising and Stormlight Workshop.
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