Personality Quiz
Which Homestuck troll are you?
Quiz introduction
I am currently hyperfiction on Homestuck so I decided to make a personality quiz because I couldn't find one that was on uquiz/not buggy. All the other quizzes were old (the woes of being in an old fa
ndom) I’m not good with making quizzes but I tried. Don’t blame me if you didn’t get who you expected. Also I expect that you know at least a bit about homestuck, regardless slight(?) spoilers! Questions are gonna be super specific, if you can guess who they are for congrats! But don't try to get a certain character. Also desc might not be accurate to you but eh, I tried. It's more on describing the character. If you can relate to it then cool, if you don't thats cool too. Don't blame me. (Btw this is a test for the beta trolls not the dancestors)
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