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Which POTN character are you the most compatible with? Who would be your perfect partner, and who should you stay miles away from? This quiz has a combination of preference and scenario questions! So
me of the possible matches don't have a lot of canon content, so a few of the answer choices are based off headcanon, but I tried to make each option as accurate to the canon character as possible! ALSO TWO DISCLAIMERS: 1) I am in no way a professional match maker, please don't feel obligated to take my advice at the end idk what I'm talking about :,,,) and 2) IM SORRY IF YOU DONT GET YOUR FAVE NJBKSDKK a lot of my questions are based off personal headcanon so pls don't take it too seriously:,,))) Anyways, answer honestly, (because your match might surprise you ;), rts always appreciated, thank you for playing along and enjoy!
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