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SmartBored's MapleStory Class Personality Quiz
Quiz introduction
Welcome to my class personality quiz! The premise of this tool is to give new players (or returning ones) the chance to see what kind of class would suit their purposes. It's very similar to the perso
nality quiz you take in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. Keep in mind this may not be 100% accurate since I can't cover every single scenario in my head nor accommodate everyone's interests, but I hope it helps! Special Exception: Event Released classes like Beast Tamer and Zero will not be included in this list due to limited availability Due to the limitations of this site and also the fact that there are over 40 subclasses (which makes it near impossible to make a quiz able to accommodate for all 40 of them) I will be simply giving you guys the class branches, then from thereon you can make a choice on which subclass to play. A small quick description will be given for each to show you what they're like. You can further help your research by checking out and studying up on a specific class. This quiz is not meant to tell you "this is what class you should play" since everyone has differing opinions on classes. Part of the game is trying out many different classes until you find the one YOU like. (Just like any other game like pokemon, league of legends, etc. Some classes may be strong now, weak later, etc.)
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