Personality Quiz
Twisted Wonderland matchmaker (But it's based on real compatibility or at least I tried)
Quiz introduction
This quiz´s results will be based on which character I´d say you're most compatible with depending on your answers and it will most probably NOT give you the character you want if you just choose the
answers they would choose in these questions. You can try to be yourself, or lie and answer what you think your fav would want/need in a relationship. It's your choice if you're honest or you try to rig it and every character has different endings depending if you were honest and accepted what the test gives or lied to get a specific character. These test results will show only students. I might try to include the teachers in a future version if we get to know more about them. This is might be a little long but I want to get the best results possible (also Ortho is obviously not in here because he looks like a 10 year old no matter what his canon age is supposed to be and I just think it would be weird af to date someone that looks like a literal child)
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