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What Mayan God or Goddess are you?
Quiz introduction
This test will decide what God or Goddess you are based on the percentage you got correct. If you got 80%-100% you are most like Itzamná. You are the most important God and are the cleverest. You are
believed to be the god of creation, writing and many other things. If you got 30%-70% you are most like Kukulcán. You are smart but make silly mistakes causing mankind to lose civilization. You introduced civilization, medicine and agriculture. If you got 0%-20% you are most like Bolon Tzacab. You are the god of storms, wind and fire. You are greedy (no offence) and are not the smartest. You caused a flood when the Mayans angered you and causing you to get kicked out of the heavens. Be careful, you have 2 minutes to answer each question!
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