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Which Dungeons & Dragons "True" Dragon Species Are You?
Quiz introduction
As far as I know, this is the most comprehensive D&D dragon personality quiz out there. I included all fifteen classic chromatic, metallic, and gem dragons, plus a few extra metallics and chromatics,
for a total of 21 possible results. I wanted to include planar dragons, ferrous dragons, etc. as well, but honestly, most of D&D's dragon species just don't have enough characterization to clearly differentiate their personalities from the types I've already included (though maybe some of the other groups of D&D dragons will get their own quizzes someday, who knows). For the same reason, I combined lore from all editions in order to flesh out each species as much as possible. Anyway, enjoy the quiz and, as always, be sure to answer honestly (if you need an incentive to do so, keep in mind that some of the coolest D&D dragon species are not exactly the most moral of the bunch...)!
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