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Take a trip to the Nowhere Cafe
Quiz introduction
Lately, you've seen people talking about a new local cafe that just opened up. They call it the Nowhere Cafe, and nobody seems to be able to describe it accurately. The most detailed description anyon
e was able to give you was, "It's like a regular cafe, but more abstract somehow? You really just have to experience it to understand." The strangest thing though, is that you've seen people post on social media about them going the the new local cafe, also called the Nowhere Cafe. But many of them are in completely different cities, or even countries. Could it be a chain? But then they wouldn't call it "local." Not to mention that every picture they post looks like they were taken in exactly the same place, and even chains are in different buildings, right? Your curiosity piqued to its absolute limit, you ultimately decide to go and experience it for yourself.
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