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DISC Personality Test
Quiz introduction
"Networking is a people's business which means, we are dealing with people. This business is not only about selling products to people, selling the business to people or purely public speaking. We mus
t learn how to understand and adjust to people. Being stubborn, grumpy, arrogant and etc won't work in Multilevel Marketing. They won't adjust for us, us as Mentors and Leaders are the ones responsible for adjusting to them. This is why there is Personality Puzzle. It is better to work without any conflict. Be good always!" - Aika Lorraine Uy The purpose of this exam is to know your personality of your new member. As a leader, since we are the only one who understands this, we have to adjust to their personality first. Knowing then will help us learn how to motivate, train, guide them throughout the business. As a leader, we need to study this. Again Networking is a people's business.
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