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Gregor the Overlander Character Quiz
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In this quiz, you will get to see what character from the book I have been reading relates most to yourself. You will end up being one of five major characters from the book, Gregor the Overlander, by
Suzanne Collins. This fantasy book takes us deep under the city of New York, where the animals are three times as big as above ground, and the humans have translucent skin and purple eyes. In this story, the main characters, Gregor, Luxa, Boots, Ripred, Henry, and other minor characters, like Vikus and Temp the cockroach, go on a quest to find Gregor's dad. He had been held hostage in the Underland for more than two years by vicious rats. This quest is said to be able to fulfill the first in the Underland prophecies, where Gregor is pictured to be a great warrior. They go through many kingdoms, and soon their team grows to include spiders, bats, and cockroaches alongside the humans and Ripred. When they get to the rat colony where Gregor's dad is held, Henry betrays them and gives out their location. Because of this, they have to battle rats. A group of Rats, King Gorger, and Gregor fall off the side of a cliff, and Ares, Henry's bat, saves Gregor. They all go back to the city of Regalia (the human city in the underland) and Gregor's family goes back home. I would rate this book a ten out of ten, because it was action packed and had a very interesting plot.
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