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Which Character in Othello Correlates With Your Personality?
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Hello ENG 220! Are you ready to see which character in Othello you can relate to the most? After analyzing Shakespeare's play, we have become familiar with some major themes in this tragedy, introduce
d through the characterization of these troubled Venetians! So, which character does your subconscious most identify with? Could it be Othello, who struggles with his racial identity in a place where he is the esteemed minority, and juggles the green-eyed monster of jealousy in one hand and self-pity in the other? Or could you exemplify the scheming, manipulative traits of Iago, who infects his comrades with envious violence, playing into society's misogynistic, oppressing standards? Perhaps it'll be Cassio, who desperately wants to be wanted, loved, and will hurt those around him in the moments when his apparent inadequacy becomes a bit too much. Or will you be Desdemona, who is honest, true and loyal? Is it possible that you show the burning yet soft-spoken passions of feminist ideals like Emilia? Take this quiz to reveal your true personality!
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