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Do You Actually Have Autism?
Quiz introduction
welcome to my game show: so you think you're autistic. this quiz is specifically aimed at young, self-diagnosed or newly diagnosed autistics, whether you're suspecting or certain. i mean if you were c
ertain you probably wouldn't be here, so... good luck. DISCLAIMER: i am not a psychologist, i'm just an autistic person, and by taking this quiz you are subjecting yourself to my personal analysis of your answers. i might be wrong! don't take it too personally; autism is a spectrum and there's a good chance that people who take this quiz are not in the target audience i'm making it for. if you really want to find out, you should get screened / diagnosed. however i know this is difficult for a lot of people so my second recommendation is: research autism deeply, as well as other disorders to learn what symptoms overlap, and ask your friends and family what they think too. anyway, have fun!
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