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Pick a bunch of songs from my Spotify playlists and I'll assign you a weird Spotify mix
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Usually I hate song questions because I never know any of the songs on the list but here's an entire quiz based on that type of question bc why not? Also don't judge my music taste because I know you
probably have weird stuff in your playlists too. Anyways if you don't know what Spotify mixes are they're basically a collection of songs that Spotify makes for you under certain categories, but some of the names of the mixes are fucking whack like Milk Mix and Clown Mix like I can't make this up look it up if you don't believe me sjdhfisdf DISCLAIMER: This quiz is based off of MY music taste, which consists of mostly pop songs from like 2008-2018. If this quiz doesn't sound like something you would enjoy, maybe......don't take it? I don't need my music selection being shat on cause y'all can't understand that some people don't like modern music. Hate to tell you this but this is my quiz not yours lol.
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