Personality Quiz
assigning u a owari no seraph (seraph of the end) kin
Quiz introduction
I KONW ITS LONG BUT READ IT ALL PLSSS hii NO LYRICS QUESTIOOONNSSS and i know shit about personalities but im doing this because i was curious on how these quizzes are made and im also doing this to
shamelessly promote owari no seraph (especially the manga the anime is like a solid 6/10 no cap u even can skip the anime lol but still haha) so LETS GOOOOOO IMPORTANT NOTES: there might be grammar mistakes excuse me<3 also don't get offended by any options or results im joking ily <3 AAAANNDD there might be some manga spoilers or like you could question some of the assumptions "how could you react the point that this character feels this way" then it's probably because of the manga so beware this will be a long rideeeee and no photos for results sorry im too lazy ok ill stop.
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