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What type of Whump fits you? (For Fanfiction Readers)
Quiz introduction
If you are a whump-reader but don't quite know how to label your type of whump-and yes, there are actually many different types of whump out there if you didn't know-then you can take this quiz. Give
your best answers to short questions based on the fanfiction you read-not fiction or non-fiction as the results may not be as accurate, but only fanfiction-or would want to read most, and you will get a detailed description of the type of whumper you are. These results have many details, and not all of them will apply to you, but a lot if not most of them may be accurate, and if they are, then try to looking up fanfictions based on the other results in the description and see if you have found what type of whump fits you most.
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