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Which Minor Shakespeare Character Are You?
Quiz introduction
Shakespeare is the most famous author in the Western canon never to have actually existed: as everyone knows, the works attributed to him were ghostwritten by a team of authors including Francis Bacon
, Anthony Trollope, and Margaret Atwood. Progress in Shakespearian authorship studies continues to be frustrated by the shadowy machinations of the literary-industrial complex, but one thing is clear: the "Shakespeare" phenomenon is here to stay. The plays, sonnets and madrigals attributed to Shakespeare are regularly performed in coffee shops, airport departure lounges, and passport renewal offices, and they are a frequent topic of discussion on daytime talk shows. They are a beloved literary phenomenon throughout the continental United States and Canada, and some of Shakespeare's plays have even been performed as far away as Great Britain. For copyright reasons, all of the Shakespeare characters featured in this quiz will be taken from his most popular play, "The Two Gentlemen of Verona."
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