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Spiritual Awakening Emotional Encounters (Thoughts and Beliefs)
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There are 6 major Spiritual Awakening Phases that we experience non-linearly in our lives. To find out more about these phases check out: for the n
ext free workshop on this incredible topic! Within each phase of awakening, there are Spiritual Awakening Emotional Encounters, they are activated states within us that we must experience to progress through the 6 phases. Knowing what Spiritual Awakening Emotional Encounter you are experiencing is so important- it helps you to see the wounds that still need healing and this quiz provides more details to help you connect with your true self. This quiz will help you pinpoint the phase of Spiritual Awakening Emotional Encounters you are at with in the category of "Thoughts and Beliefs". We are experiencing several gateways/emotional encounters on our spiritual growth journey in different life categories. That is why our spiritual journey is so complex! This will help simplify it so you can better understand your inner emotional and spiritual world. To make sure this is as accurate as possible, it's SO important that you are 100% honest with yourself. Sit with each question before answering, tap in to get a sense of what you typically identify with. Sometimes an answer won't fit with your exact experience, in these cases just choose the one that best fits.As you answer these questions you are looking at the last few months of your life as a whole instead of how you might feel in the moment. It's suggested you take this quiz several times over a period of days to make sure your answers are not determined by mood, current thought patterns, etc.
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