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Which Batman Villain are you?
Quiz introduction
I hope this quiz is fun. I'll be using the villains I personally like the most and/or know the most about, sorry if your favorite isn't on here! Result descriptions are short and probably really stupi
d, I'm finishing the quiz at 4am after being up all night lmao. Please note that a lot of the results are based on the animated series versions as I don't know as much about other versions. Hatter especially is specifically the animated series version! Please be respectful in the free text question and keep in mind that I don't understand sarcasm (especially text based) very well! Thanks! I made a different quiz fixing a lot of the things that people very vocally hated in this one so if you wanna try that its called the Bigger Better Batman Villain quiz :,) again please be respectful in the free text of this one I just did this for fun
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