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So you’ve just bought a new phone, it’s shiny isn’t it? The screen’s bright, the battery doesn’t go down in a matter of minutes, and it’s fast. You bought your pretty new cover when you got the phone
and made sure to have tempered glass too because you can’t have it breaking on you from one measly fall. Now all that’s left is to get rid of all those annoying settings and pre-installed apps. You know, the ones that send you notifications about every little thing that you’ve never used or paid attention to in your life. It goes well enough but there’s one you can’t uninstall. Big deal. There are loads you can’t, what makes this different? Well, nothing. It’s even got a boring name like ‘World Time’ or wait no maybe it was ‘World Clock’? Either way it had ‘World’ in it and you’re pretty sure it’s just one of those fancy alarm or clock apps. Now all you’re hoping for is that the interface is good.
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