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Which Spy x Family character are you? (as of chapter 89, with results written seriously)
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I am terribly obsessed with this series for almost 2 years and it isn't stopping. Help me. I've been meaning to do one of these in a while and figured SxF is the media where I'm most familiar with. I
tried to make this as serious and thorough as I could with detailed results at the end. Some of the questions are very wordy. No spoilers, but I did put in a manga character that's not going to be shown anytime soon. and if you're familiar with any typology systems or are familiar with what I'm trying to convey within the questions, you might be able to rig the results a little, lol. Remember to answer the questions that correlates to you the most, and not answer the questions based off what you want to be. My ao3 account is momentocollector, I write sxf fanfics :-) or follow me on instagram @memorychronicler if you want to see some bad sketches
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