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which map projection are you?
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which map projection are you, and could i be friends with you based off that map projection? please do not take it personally if the answer to that second question is no, unless you get gall-peters in
which case you need to seriously reevaluate your entire personality. also okay because no one knows what a map projection is yall keep asking i am going to explain map projections. basically a map projection is the way you project the surface of the earth onto a flat surface. you can't project the world accurately onto a flat surface because spheres Don't Work Like That, so people have to get creative when representing the world effectively. they use a lot of complicated math which i do not understand and there are a ton of different map projections that represent the world in different ways. the most well known map projection is the mercator, if you just google a world map most of them are probably gonna be mercators. some map projections are really good and some are. not. they all have different uses like the mercator is good for navigation and the winkel-tripel is good for being a representation of the world that doesn't perpetuate racist ideas. it's a truly fascinating concept. google map projections, there are SO many of them and some are just? so dumb??? you'll probably know the mercator or winkel-tripel if you google them. my favorite map projection is the authagraph which is currently the most accurate one in the world and also the way it was made is fascinating but i don't have time to get into that now. ok enough rambling go take the quiz :*
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