Personality Quiz
what is your eternal house? yet another test based on my drs
Quiz introduction
each wizarding school has houses, to sort the young witches and wizards who walk through the doors, connecting them forever with people like them. but it’s much bigger than the four houses inside the
schools, as each house is a branch of one big house, an eternity house. uniting all like one another through what they value the most and where they are sorted. there are four eternity houses, the house of ravens, home of the even. the house of crows, home of the enlightened. the house of swans, home of enterprising. and the house of doves, home of the earnest. in your house, you will find people of all backgrounds and cultures, in your house you will find your forever family. they will help you in your times of need and you will do the same, you will understand each other on a different level than anyone else can. they will be your chosen family, forever. good luck young witches and wizards, your true home awaits you.
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