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(lumiere voice) which disney character is most like YOU
Quiz introduction
on a really fuckin hot day in disneyland i sat my ass down in the beasts library in dca for a few solid hours and recorded all of the "which disney character is most like you" answers because idfk man
. anyways thats helpful now anyways i guess because that shit's dead now thaks frozen the one thing i dont have is like the stuff outlining how u are like that character use your imagination i guess, there are 40(!!!!!) god damn personalities in this quiz from disney and pixar properties so have fun i had to try and parse my spaghetti java code i banged out in 2016 for this your welcome, also i just stole all the images from disney wiki i am also going to point out that the results for this quiz changed over the years at unknown intervals as new movies were released and i have no recollection what the results may have used to be or if they changed again before, well, anna and elsa moved in
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