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another TMA entity quiz (PLEASE read the entire warning!)
Quiz introduction
i labor under the human emotion of "hubris" and personally i think i can create a better entity-avatar quiz than the 3000 that all have questions like "haha what are you afraid of :)" WARNING: the id
ea at the heart of this quiz is that to become a real ass Avatar tm and not just a servant, you have to make the choice to accept the entity and to feed it - so, in terms of morality, this quiz aims to kind of call out some of the scary bad shit about you. its not super explicit or graphic, but i still kinda hope its dark enough to fit the theme of the podcast, so i'm recommending this quiz be taken only by people 16+ but hey i'm not your mom i can't actually stop you lol. as for CONTENT WARNINGS, if it's come up in the podcast, it might make an appearance here. so generally, what is mentioned: unreality, manipulation, death, isolation, violence, abuse, delusions, body horror, being watched, claustrophobia, vengefulness, and... anything else that may have come up in the podcast! the result you get may feel like it's accusing you of being terrible, but thats not the idea. essentially: proceed with a lil caution! and give me feedback @ botanicallydubious on tumblr :) (the extensive warning is mostly to avoid possible callout posts, y'all.)
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