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which brozone brother are you???
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My girl's like candy, a candy treat She knocks me right up off my feet She's so fine, as can be It's like a perfect harmony Candy girl, you are my world You look so sweet Come back to me All I know, w
hen I'm with you (ooh-ooh) You got the right stuff, baby Love the way you turn me on (oh, oh, oh-oh) You got the right stuff, baby You're the reason why I sing this song You're all I ever wanted (Baby, you're all) you're all I ever needed, yeah So tell me what to do now When I want (I want you) you back Doom, doom, da-dab Doom, doom, doom, da-dab Yeah-yeah-yeah, yah-rap Dab-da-dab, BroZone's back, alright!
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