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Hauge-Willden Type Indicator
Quiz introduction
Welcome to the Hauge-Willden Type Indicator™! This personality questionnaire, which was developed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the fields of literature and kinesthesiology, has rece
ived enthusiastic support from schools, workplaces, hospitals, and curious individuals everywhere since 1981. Previously, this test was only administered in person, but we’ve teamed up with the Jeffrey Preston Bezos Personality Data Foundation to make an expedited version of the Indicator available online for everyone, at no cost, for the first time! After answering all questions and clicking Finish, you will instantly receive your personality assessment through your browser. For institutional and organizational uses of the Indicator, or to access our full, 144-question Complete Type Indicator and Personality Guidance Methods, contact one of our Personality Professionals. Remember, this isn’t a test. Answer the questions according to your feelings–there are no right or wrong answers, only more accurate and less accurate ones. The more sincerity and insight you give the Indicator, the more you will learn about yourself.
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