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Which Economist are you?
Quiz introduction
Which politico-economic system best suits you? Are you Marxist, Fascist or Libertarian? Are you tucked up at night reading Das Kapital, The General Theory, or The Wealth of Nations? Which ruler would
idolise you? Are you Churchillian, Marxist or even Fascist? This test is developed to establish your instincts and you may well get a surprise result. There are no right answers and you are invited to believe that your actions will be followed through. Do not second guess by saying 'well, I could do this but they will wriggle out of it'. They won't, in this world, you rule, and people do exactly as you tell them. You may think the result is not right for you. In this case you might like to see a psychiatrist or take a course in economics. This test does not lie, and be warned, you may need to re-evaluate who you think you really are......
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