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What spirit of the Zodiac possesses you? (A Furuba Quiz)
Quiz introduction
You’re a part of the Sohma clan, and you’re one of the unlucky few. You see, you have been possessed by one of the spirits of the zodiac! When hugged by the opposite sex, or when you’re under a great
amount of stress, you change into an animal! (Sucks for the non-binary buddies cuz you be changing when anybody hugs you. Better surround yourself with other non-binary buddies) ...oh no... someone just hugged you, what’s going to happen? This quiz is based off of the Natsuki Takaya’s interpretation of the Chinese Zodiac, in her manga series ‘Fruits Basket.’ If you are not apart of the fandom- this quiz may or may not appeal to you. However, no prior knowledge of the series is required. This is a personality based quiz, and whatever spirit that possesses you is not based off of how much you have in common with the character. Instead this quiz focuses on the spirits, and how those spirits could potentially manipulate the personalities of the characters they possess. If you feel that you relate the most to a certain character and you choose your answers based off of that, your chances are slim. It’s best to answer honestly, and let the spirit overcome you.
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