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Which Mid-Twentieth-Century Anglican Theologian Are You?
Quiz introduction
The contributions of mid-twentieth-century Anglican theologians to the society in which we now live have yet to be fully appreciated; from the self-cleaning oven to the eschatological steam engine, ma
ny of the pieces of technology we use in our daily lives are the practical results of principles first established by Anglican theologians. Their lifestyles varied widely: for one thinker, a reclusive life of spelunking might provide a stimulus to deep thought about the nature of the Trinity, while for another, flashes of theological insight might come only after a night of drunken madrigal singing. In a very real sense, it is only through a deep and personal engagement with the works of mid-century Anglican theologians that we can discover who we truly are. Using the most up-to-date psychological principles, this quiz has been certified to provide reliable results to an accuracy of 87%, with a standard deviation of 2.1, and can be relied upon as a source of guidance in making important life decisions.
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