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why would u be considered problematic in enstars
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tw idol industry tw modeling industry tw war trauma tw war tw religious abuse tw cults tw mass suicide tw disordered eating tw dieting tw anime murder tw parent death tw child abuse tw disownment tw s
exual harassment tw cannibalism fetishes tw non consensual drugging tw coercion tw suicide ideation tw bdsm/s&m tw kidnapping tw stalking tw yanderes tw homophobia tw transphobic tw classism tw revenge porn tw alcoholism tw gambling tw isolation tw misgendering tw forced cross dressing/feminization tw bullying tw sexualization of minors tw corrupt police tw slander tw blackmail tw false imprisonment tw guns tw manipulation tw mob mentality tw overwork tw hospitals tw terminal illness tw children in the military tw slut shaming tw identity theft tw homelessness tw dehumanization tw blasphemy tw false accusations of murder tw orphanages tw blood tw forced stripping
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