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The True Homestuck Character Quiz
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-Includes all beta kids, beta trolls, alpha kids, alpha trolls, and cherubs. -DO NOT TAKE THIS TEST IF YOU ARE NOT 16+ YEARS OF AGE (contains some mature subjects) -TW: Mentions of swearing, abuse, se
xual abuse/misconduct/harassment, rape, addiction, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, fraud, death, animal death, vomit, bodily harm, fetishism, loli/shota (not as a good thing or anything, but the mention is there), weaponry, guns, addiction, etc. (it wouldn't be Homestuck without the trauma) -30 questions (one is free/text based) -The only zodiac-based question is optional and non-specific. -I don't account for guardians, ancestors, or sprites because it would get redundant. -I don't include lusii or denizens because there is ultimately not much to them. -I don't include Carapacians or The Felt because I don't remember much about them and I don't think you do either. -I don't include real people or expy characters (Andrew Hussie, Dante Basco). -Only accounts for the original Homestuck, not the epilogues, FriendSim, Pesterquest, Hiveswap, or ^2. -There are 34 results as is, leave me alone. -Some of the results will be mean, but the majority are nice. I tried to make the mean ones difficult to get but you might slip through. -Some of the results are so specific that they may not be accurate for how vague my question are, but I don't care.
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