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The Ultimate What Disney Fairy Are You Quiz
Quiz introduction
Making this quiz as someone who adores the Disney fairies and wished a quiz containing both the movie and book characters existed! Side note; I’m not including characters that were introduced and onl
y seen in the great fairy games short and only used in backgrounds for later films. I’m not really able to get a solid read on their characters with how little screen time they have in that short. There’s also some extremely minor book characters that have no recognizable personality traits to build a whole profile off of, so if you’re a fan of SUPER NICHE book background characters like for example Clara, Elyxia, and Costy, etc. you won’t see them here but know that I love all the fairies big and small, major and minor :) This is a bit of a long quiz, 30 questions long, some with a LOT of choices as answers, so this may take a good chunk of your time. I hope you enjoy! There are a few non fairy characters thrown in here for funsies you can get if you rig the quiz enough in your favor :)
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